As of April 2016, all owners must bring their whippet's SWC passports to each meeting. Dog's without a passport will not be permitted to run.


Over the course of the 2016 season, original SWC passports will be upgraded for new photographic passports. For dogs registered prior to April 2016, new passports will be issued for free on return of old passports. Replacements for lost passports will be issued at a cost of £2 each.


When registering new dogs, passports are issued for free.


New and returning dogs must provide two photographs to identify the dog in attendance of their first meeting after March 2016.


Photograph 1 -should be a standing side-on photograph. See Example 1 &2:


Photograph 2 – this should be a standing picture of the other side of the dog. See example 3


Alternatively, if your dog is a solid colour, and has distinguishing markings on its front or rear, a photograph from that angle should be used.Example 4


Photographs need to be 5x 3.75”. This is a standard size and can be ordered cheaply from websites such as Photobox.


If you are unable to provide photographs of your dog(s), prior to attending your first meeting please contact a member of the committtee who will be happy to assist you.


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