1. All dogs must be KC Registered.


2. Dogs shall run from slips.


3. Dogs shall be measured and run in height stakes:

Bitches up to 18.5", dogs up to 20" and mixed graded stakes for whippets up to a maximum height of 21.5".

Veteran stakes may be run if enough dogs are entered.


4. All dogs must be muzzled when running.


5. Dogs must be at least one year old to run at our event.


6. At any point during a run, the judges may excuse, dismiss or disqualify a whippet. There are numerous reasons to be excused (such as coursing another whippet). A hound may be dismissed for interfering, either playfully or aggressively, with another hound's course. An excused or dismissal means that the hound may not run that course again. If a dog is disqualified 3 times they will not be able to run again.


7. All bitches will be inspected and those in season will not be allowed on the field. Substitutes can be made.


8. All dogs not under starters orders MUST be on a lead. Failure will incur an immediate and strictly enforced £10 fine.


9. All litter must be deposited in sacks provided. Owners must clean up after their own dogs using plastic bags provided.


10. All people to stay in spectator areas as specified, until their dogs are due to run.


11. You will require a collar for the dog to run in either red or white.


12. The Judges decision is final & binding.


Please conform to these few rules to ensure everyone has a safe and happy day.


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