All whippets competing at Sporting Whippet Club will be issued with a passport which must be brought to every meeting your whippet attends, in order that your whippet is allowed to complete. The passport must be brought to the paddock with your dog for it's first run. If your dog reaches a final, then the passport must be handed to the committee member in the paddock, and it will be returned with completed results inside at the end of the meeting.


You can complete online registration using the button below or print off the registration form and complete it, sending in the post with a cheque.


We will require a minimum of two photographs of your whippet, one from each side. If your whippet has distinguishing marks on it's front or rear, then please also inlude these.


Photographs and a copy of your whippet's KC Registration form should be emailed to at time of registration, or included in the envelope with your form and cheque.


Photographs need to be 5x 3.75”. This is a standard size and can be ordered cheaply from websites such as Photobox.


If you are unable to provide photographs of your dog(s), prior to attending your first meeting please contact a member of the committtee who will be happy to assist you.


There are some examples of passport photos in the slideshow below.


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