Sunday 21st April 2024 - West Ilsley, Newbury, RG20 7DN

Judges: Laurence Winter & Sarah Meadham

Slipper: George Sell


A new ground for SWC, but one familiar to many of our members who also run with UKSS. Having a reputation for always being cold, regardless of forecast, I should have been better prepared! I think I would have perished on the judging tower if it wasn't for the loan of coat, the icy wind was relentless. Thank goodness it wasn't raining as well, and after a lucky run of rare dry days there were no issues with access onto the field.


Whilst being a beautiful location with stunning views, the undulations of the field make it, its own valley, providing significant challenges for the field team to set up courses. Keeping the lure visible to the lure driver, keeping the line on the pulleys, placing turns safely for dogs going up/down hills etc.


It was another full day, with 2 puppies, 10 trialling, 64 competing dogs, plus our 2 honorary whippets and a pair of resident voles, Victor and Valerie getting in on the action.


First round was pretty eventful, we all know whippets enjoy an opportunistic roll in poo, and it seems high speed poop-rolling became a new trend. Coppermow Sika hoped to gain a medal in this new Extreme Sport, putting in multiple tumbles that required all Greg’s water supply to remove what he returned plastered in.


Halfway through the first round we had an unscheduled lunch break. Gremlins got into the quad bike leaving it stranded at the furthest point of the field. Luckily it opted to reside nearest the farmhouse and the trouble was spotted by the landowner. Thanks to his generosity and the loan of a farm buggy, we were able to continue with the meeting. Bonus for Ashley and Phil was an enclosed cabin, and HEATING!


Second round from a judge's perspective was a difficult one. The run out was shorter and there was no dividing several pairs at the first turn. With many them going on to cut large parts of the course there was often little left to score off.


After the second round, we took a break and held the first of our special Anniversary Awards presentation. The spotlight this month was on the Top Open Dogs of the Decade. Congratulations to Di Webber's Dark Wing (Raven) as runner up and Catriona Ryan's Twiggen Tit For Tat (Trilby) as Winner.


Onto the days finals. On a winning streak, chalking up their second wins of the season: Harerunner Hasta La Vista, Sandspring Sea Mistress and Coppermow Harfang Avec Elstoto. Back on Winners Row for the first time this year, Runphar Gemini Double Take, Coppermow Moonstone at Luathastar, Harerunner Heavenly Mover and Veloxcanis Solis Valens. Getting their first stake wins were Zoraden Maserati and Selinko Honeysuckle. Last but not least, making her debut in the veteran stakes, Shiny Sensations for Your Eyes Only at Dapperdiva.


An extraordinarily long but successful day in the end. See you all again next time!




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