3rd September 2023 

Thank you for all the lovely comments about last months write up. They mean a great deal and I am simply happy to be able to help an incredibly special friend. So, you have me again for this month’s review.


We were back at the club’s favourite field in Raleighs’ Cross. The weather was glorious, and the ground was great. Although there was a scattering of fresh cow pats to contend with and I personally had sixteen dog paws to wash off when we got home. The entry was a little smaller this month with fifty-three dogs over 8 Stakes. There were a handful of trials and Coppermow Cedrella at Ziradash successfully got the opportunity to be cleared for competition.


The first round was 600m and had a fantastic run out that then went into a dip where vision for the spectators was lost. This was a real make or break for many and often whoever led in the run out was not the first out of the dip. Our lovely Judge Tracey said that there were so many courses that were remarkably close with just half a point in it.


The second round was a slight change of a few corners and went in the reverse. There were a few dogs who tried to outsmart the lure and misjudged which direction down the hedge it would go. This gave those with better follow a chance to shine.


The final course was another fantastic use of the great space of the field and gave terrific opportunity for some wonderful go byes.


The first stake, Raleigh’s Cross stake for bitches saw the debut of Tumblers Araminta. The two top bitches who were out first round last month pulled all the stops out and were back on top heading straight to the final against each other. Coppermow Velar and Veloxcanis Solis Venatrix are very well matched and always a joy to see against each other. The latter taking the win this time.


Next was the Clifford’s Pool Stakes for bitches seeing another debut for Tumblers Atlantic Jewel, who had a lovely run against another new to the field this year, Corfilgi Cariad. The latter making it to the finals and having a tough course against Gemstone Luna Saphire of Runphar who is continuing her winning streak with another victory for the 2nd month in a row.


On to the Stakes for standard dogs with the Chidgey Stakes first. This saw another debut by Zoraden Maserati who flew round the first round miles ahead, then had a well-matched 2nd run against Phareal No Questions Asked at Runphar who lost the lead at the start and then came back with a lovely go bye at the end. It was not enough to win though, and Maserati headed into the final on his first day out. Maserati  raced off against Silverhare follow the star at silvajack who had fabulous runs, but it was Maserati who took the win!


The Brendon Hill Stakes started with a cracking run between Florancy Dark and Stormy and Coppermow Sika. The latter has really come into his own and pushed hard on the course showing his speed and going right through to final round. There was another dog making his debut as well. To Dare is to Do had a great run out of the slips but got a little to far behind and just needed a bit more confidence to get back on it. Ryemeadows Midnight Sun and Laguna Lunas Link went head-to-head in the second round. They were well matched, but Midnight Sun followed a bit tighter on the lure and took the win to head into the finals. Laguna Lunas Link did a fabulous tumble into the lure that was also in a cow pat and so turned from cream to green. The final saw the young Coppermow Sika and Ryemeadows Midnight Sun with the former coming out victorious.


Onto the open stakes, starting with the Elworthy stakes for bitches 18.75-19.75. This stake had some incredible courses with some very well-matched opponents. Keep a Knocking of Ohoka in only her second competition and everything clicked into place. In the first round she was against Runphar Ziggy Zoom who although lost in the end walked off the course with a chunk of lure in her mouth very proudly. In the next round Ohoka was well matched with Vidaymi See the Stars and it was a close course, but Ohoka took the win heading to the final. Here she had to go against her house mate Royaltudor Storm Diana who has been on fire this season. The final saw Ohoka show her speed and get well ahead at the start only for Storm Diana to come back and overtake her for the second half of the course. The latter taking the win, but Ohoka is one to watch for sure.


Onto the Leighland Stakes we saw another debut by Tumblers Adagio who made it to the second round but was beaten by Midnight Phantom Petunia. Petunia headed into the final against Ranveli French Fancy who had a brilliant day and ran his heart out, to the delight of his young supporter Willem. Midnight Phantom Petunia was victorious in the end.


The last open was the Treborough Stake for dogs 20.5-21”. This stake saw Coppermow Harfang avec Elstoto make his debut on the field against Penbriar Dark Secret at Mannerpool. The former showing, he is a little green and overshot the first corner, but then finished the course strong. We also saw the debut of Abbeycorner Mercury who got through to second round and had a great course against Corfilgi Carw Coch. The latter took the win and headed to the final against Penbriar Jet Setter to Solentwaves. It was a good day for the young Corfilgi, and he took the stake win!


Finally, we had the veteran stakes with a lovely four dog stake. I personally love watching all of them run and remember them in the younger years too. Laguna Lawns Lupin is a little pocket rocket that won the first round against Ringmore Day Lily who would have happily run again and again. Then Winterfellin Gotta Dash avec Elstoto in his penultimate coursing competition won the first round against Ringmore Dalrymple and then went on to win the stake showing that he intends to finish his field career strong!


There were so many fantastic courses, and I could have written about every single run but tried to keep it under a page. It has been a brilliant season and I know we are all extremely excited for the finals! Good luck everyone!



Photo Credit: Martin Abbott
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