23rd April 2017 EILING FARM, THATCHAM, BERKSHIRE, RG18 0UD JUDGES: Tony Dent     SLIPPER: George Sell   

Well what a day and what a contrast to last month. The sun shone brightly and there was barely a breeze, leaving many of us pink faced by the end of the day. The ground was beautiful, sprinkled with yellow an white dandelions. From the dry spell the earth was baked hard and rough underneath a good covering of grass, flowers and cow pats!

We had a massive entry of 52 dogs which is a club record. With just a couple withdrawals we were left with 50 dogs competing across 9 stakes. We also had 6 puppies for schooling, several adults trilling and two who successfully ran with company to clear for future meets.


The first round was a short 385 yard twisting course, with hard wrenches that caught out many inexperienced dogs as well as those who are perhaps more 'lure wise' than desired, making it as much of challenge or our judge Tony Dent and his trainee Sandra Marcovecchio. One run between two dogs- debuting Winterfellin Cheeky Rascal and Montyjack Midnight Rambler, winner of the 2014 Harerunner Trophy proving impossible to judge and being declared the run Undecided. Sadly MMR pulled up lame and was unable to participate in a re-run. Run of the morning has to be given to Silverhare Foxy Sundance and new competitor to the club Moondust's Gladiator, these two boys followed the twists and turns brilliantly, with little between them throught out the course, it must have been a very close decision, and it was definitely a shame to see Moondust's Gladiator knocked out after giving a run worthy of a final win. Also of not was Moonlake Miles To Go To Mannerpool who ran better than he ever has, despite usual inclinations to cut corners, he focused and followed beautifully and for the first half of the course was in the game, only after overshooting a corner did he give himself just too much to come back from, but it was great to see him do so well.


Second round was a slightly longer 425 yards, with more open turns. It was lovely to see the dogs get to really stretch out on this round. Ryemeadows Zara, always delight to watch was outstanding, pushing the lure driver hard. Laguna Lawns Le Lundi used his extra leg length to get a lovely go by against his competitor Moonlake My Way.


Before the Finals we held the raffle and once again you all out-did yourselves with the generosity of prize donations, though the top prize had to be the stunning print by Elizabeth Moriarty, which our Slipper George was very lucky to take home. I very excitedly picked a fab looking chocolate cake, and could be heard saying 'oh good, I havent had cake for ages and I do love cake'... I guess I had a touch of sunstroke as I somehow had forgotten the multiple slices of cake I just had to sample from the tea and cake stand in the morning (someone has to be a taste tester don't they?!)

The tea & cake and raffle table - you generous lot!

The Finals were the longest course of the day at 515 yards. It was really fantastic to see two youngsters at their first competition making the finals with Cheydar Soolewea at Coppermow taking a win, I know Sharon was relieved that she had practiced saying her name in advance of the presentation! Winner of the 2016 Shandril Trophy won her stake, once more showing what a phenomenal bitch she is, though the runner up who hasn't competed at SWC since middle of last season was pretty impressive too. Having turned two and been remeasured, Laguna Lefren Lawen was dropped from Open to Bitch stakes and was able to make her mark with the other smaller ladies and get runner up to Ameesha Pina Colada who got her second win in as many months. Another who is on a winning streak is Harerunner Halfpenny, and her litter brother had a cracking competition and got his first stake win. After a very brief hiatus from the stake finals Winterfellin Gotta Dash was back, showing a weekend of Flyball and lure coursing was just a warm up for this lad! Derohan Bronze Angel was also back on top, and giving Caroline a double whammy Softouch Ever So Clever at Derohan also won his stake. Sandspring Special Envoy may be one of our smallest boys at just 18”, but he too is on a roll and notched up yet another win in the veteran stakes.

The Winners

It was a long day with so many dogs, but with all your help packing up we were able to get off fairly promptly, for which we thank you. However, one slightly disapointing thing was the number of pooh bags that have been left in the field the last two months. Bin bags are always tied to the orange fencing so can you please BAG IT AND BIN IT!


Every single one of you helped make the day a smooth, successful and special one, but extra thanks need to go to our Judge Tony Dent and Slipper George Sell, Sandra Marcovechio who spent all day on the tower learning the judging process, Biddy and Loraine for taking care of the teas and cakes and raising £76, and Lilah and her awesome raffle sales raising a whopping £160, also thank ou to Sue Hoddinott who helped bitch check.


Our next meeting is in Somerset, and you can enter now! Details HERE





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