24 APRIL 2024

Frome Showground, Somerset

Judge: Mark Bicknell

Slipper: George Sell


We visited Frome a month earlier than last season, and I suspect no other location would have been runnable after the constant relentless rain we have had for months, with the hard standing giving perfect access and parking.


We also had a stroke of luck with the weather on the day. Yes, it was a tad blustery, but it was dry and at times even sunny! The grass was an ideal length and conditions over all better than we could have ever expected.


As the action started, we experienced a few hiccups with the lure machine stopping on the run out. Thankfully the issues were soon resolved and there was minimal delay, as we had 9 trial dogs and 65 competing dogs on the card. The first round was 650 yards, making full use of the field and testing the stamina of the dogs, with many showing the effects of a winter of weather-hampered exercise. Rose of Sunlight of Ivybright (Bibi) still had enough in the tank to opt for a second circuit though!


There were some beautiful pairings on the first course. Particularly outstanding were Wizzywips Heaven Sent and Royaltudor Storm Diana of Ohoka – what a run that was! On this occasion the flag went to Zephyr (WHS), I look forward to a rematch soon, there was nothing between these girls.


Second round was largely the first reversed with one section altered, yet somehow the course that worked well anti-clockwise bought out the worst in the dogs in clockwise. The majority of runs were...messy, with one or both dogs cutting more turns than not and often running ahead of the lure it was a challenge for both lure driver and judge. The only pair that both ran the course as laid was Winterfellins What The Heck and Dexters Robin at Dighestres. Well done boys.


Thankfully the final course saw an improvement with cracking performances by all winners and runners up. Once again Marion and Don Wyatt did the double with Harerunner Hasta La Vista (aka Albin, 2023 season's top whippet) & Ryemeadows Mabel (aka Mable 2023 season's Best Opposite Sex) both winning their stakes. Coppermow Velar (Peppa), winner of the Shandril Trophy 2022 and 2023 took home another winner's rosette, while her young half-siblings Coppermow Harfang Avec Elstoto (Tycho) and Coppermow Cedrella of Ziradash (Winks) making their presence felt with win and runner up result respectively. Neymar Pilgrimsway returned to the winners row for the first time since May last year, and Rathglass Captain Midnight new to the veteran class set the standard for the season going forward. Congratulations to our first time winners Florancy Dark and Stormy (Jonty), Loroli Life's a Rollacoasta at Derohan (Jacintha, also known as The Wild Child, I believe!) and Sandspring Sea Mistress (Biscuit).


The biggest congratulations are saved for Corfilgi Carw Coch (Red) who didn’t skip a beat or lose any momentum despite spectacular if not hair-raising acrobatic stunts during both second round and finals. Please don't repeat those moves, I don't think my heart will take it!


Thanks to all the Team, members and guests who helped out in any way, even small things make a big difference.


See you all next month!



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