10 Year Anniversary 2024

Aprils meeting marked the 10th Anniversary of your Sporting Whippet Club.

Dedicated committee members and members alike have made the club what it is today and it continues to go from strength to strength. So many people comment on how friendly and welcoming we are and that is a credit to our members and we thank you.


Time has been spent over the Winter break collating all the points tables from the past 10 years.


We will be spotlighting a ‘Top 10’ from said tables at each meeting from now until October culminating with the award for the highest overall scoring dog, or bitch, of all time.


To date 320 passports have been issued by SWC so if your dog makes it into the Top 10 it is a huge achievement and one worthy of celebration.


Our April meeting saw awards for the Top 10 Open Dogs over the last 10 years:


Twiggen Tit for Tat owned by Catriona Ryan placed 1st. During the 2017 season Trilby won six stakes and the Open Finals Day Stake.


Diana Webbers Dark Wing was runner- up. Raven won six stakes including the Open Finals Day Stakes in 2016. 


Top 10 Open Dogs:

1st – Twiggen Tit For Tat – Catriona Ryan

2nd – Dark Wing – Diana Webber

3rd – Harerunner Heartfelt – Peter and Helena Gaffney

4th – Murphy The Magician at Silvajack – Di Done

5th – Cathmick Rumour Has It – Nicky Thomas

6th – Montjack Masqued Marksman – Robert Houghton

7th – Veloxcanis Solis Valens – Nicole Rossa and Colin Brown

8th – Penbriar Jet Setter to Solentwaves – Katie and Adam McDonald

9th  - Hell Of A Chancer – Samantha and Paul Priest

10th - Runphar Gemini Double Take – Sharon, Brian and Nadine Tomkinson


Congratulations to you all!

May's Meeting,


Last month we celebrated the Open class boys, this month is all about the girls, with the Top 10 Open class bitches over 18.5” of the decade.
FIRST PLACE goes to the bitch that was awarded the Mannerpool Presentation Jacket for winning the open stakes at the first ever SWC finals, who competed across 8 seasons gaining a total of 208 points. Bred by Sarah Layfield, owned, trained and adored by Sue Meecham, WINTERFELLIN VANILLA SKY
In RUNNER - UP position is a bitch that finished top of the Open League in 2018 and the following year was again Top of the league and went one better by winning the Wheatroyd Trophy for top whippet 2019. With 126 points, bred and owned by Greg & Gill McLatchie, COPPERMOW EVOQUE
Top 10 Open Bitches:

1st - Winterfellin Vanilia Sky - Sue Meecham

2nd - Coppermow Evoque - Greg and Gill McLatchie

3rd - Harerunner Halfpenny - Sarah Meadham

4th - Derohan Bronze Angel - Caroline Osborne

5th - Silverhare Fortis Saxon - Gretchen Elketon

6th - Ryemeadows Mable - Marion & Don Wyatt

7th - Loroli Let's Do It With Derohan - Caroline Osborne

8th - Wheatroyd Midnight Chimes - Julia & Chris Cloke

9th  - Penny Paynes Blue Grey - Sarah Meadham

10th - Winterfellin Helle's Belle - Sarah Layfield

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