Measuring Procedures


  1. All dogs must be measured prior to their first run in a Sporting Whippet Club competition 

  2. All dogs will be measured with an official Measure

  3. All dogs may be measured on the table provided or on flat ground at the owners' prerogative.

  4. A spirit level will be used to ensure the table is of flat surface, however owners must be aware that dogs chosen to be measured on the ground may result in an exaggerated reading.

  5. All dogs must be stacked in a standing position.

  6. Measurement will be from the perpendicular line from the top of the dog's withers to the flat surface.

  7. The dog must be calm when it is measured. The environment shall be calm, without excessive people/dogs.

  8. The measurement team consists of two measuring persons and a recorder for the report. The measuring persons measure alternately. The recorder supervises the measurements and writes down the results.

  9. The measuring persons will measure alternately. The dog shall be moved after measurements 1, 3 and 5.

  10. The most frequent result will be recorded on the dog’s documents. If after 6 measurements, a result cannot be determined, then a 7th measurement must be made and recorded as the final and correct size.

  11. At the time of measuring, the measurement will be recorded in the Sporting Whippet Club Passport and kept on record by the Secretary.

  12. If the dog is under the age of two, the dog will only need to be measured again on its first run after its second birthday.

  13. Once measured, all dogs will be graded in stakes format competition according to their measured height.

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