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Congratulations to all the winners at our final meeting of the season 2022!
Sunday was a hectic day with so many trials and supporters Stakes but we finished in good time. The ground was beautiful the weather a bit windy but dry! 
Thank you Stacey Haynes for the lunchtime port, which was much appreciated by all.
The Puppy Stakes:
Stake 1:
Winner, Elle Tull's Wizzywips Heaven Sent
Runner up, Don and Marion Wyatt's Harerunner Hasta La Vista
Stakes 2:
Winner, Philippa Ellison's Harerunner Hombre Estrella
Runner up, Liz Hales' Laguna Lupins Leader
The Laguna Veteran Trophy:
Winner, Elaine Jenkinson's Wintefellin Gotta Dash avec Elstoto
Runner up, Lilah Wainmans' Laguna Lawns Lupin
The Harerunner Trophy:
Winner, Down Stockley and Kevin Eveleigh's, Coppermow Ginger Ninja
Runner up, Lilah Wainmans' Laguna Lunas Link
The Shandril Trophy:
Winner, Gill Mclatchies' Coppermow Velar
Runner up, Kate Bent's Veloxcanis Solis Venatrix
The Sporting Whippet Club Stakes:
Winner,  Stacey and Ashley Haynes' Cheery Violet
Runner up, Adam and Katie McDonald's Penbriar Jet Setter
Supporter Stakes:
Buckingham Stakes:
Winner, Brian and Sharon Tomkinson's Runphar Ziggy Zoom
Runner up, Brian and Sharon Tomkinson's Taltonia Ffiins Azora at Runphar
Windsor Stakes:
Winner, Sapphira Parker's Winterfellin is a Free Elf at Ziradash
Runner up, Brian and Sharon Tomkinson's Phareal no questions asked
The Balmoral Stakes:
Winner, Brian and Sharon Tomkinson's Runphar Gemini Double Take
Runner up, Liz Hales' Lavebellla Lizzies Lang
The Sandringham Veteran Stakes:
Winner, Diana Webbers' Dark Wing
Runner up, Sue Hoddinotts' Laguna Lawns Le Lundi
Top Puppy of the year and Winner of the Silverhare Trophy was Coppermow Velar
Top Whippet of the year and Winner of the Wheatroyd Trophy was Penbriar Jet Setter at Solentwaves
Sunday saw the retirement of Diana Webbers Dark Wing, we wish you both a long and happy retirement!
We thank you all for your support this season and we look forward to seeing you next season too
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