Dunster Country Fair - 29th July

Having arrived at Dunster nice and early, we were greeted by unexpected grey skies, rain and wind. Thankfully the weather soon brightened and the sun came out to shine on our stunning location. We had an area the size of a football pitch, right below the castle, with the terrier show and have-a-go agility as our neighbours.


We set up a marquee with SWC information boards, laid out the first course and were just about to start trials when a van appeared on the field and unloaded a team of ducks! Luckily no dogs were loose other than the owner's two collies who soon herded them to safety.



Being in a much smaller space than we usually run in, we had shorter but tighter courses, about 350 meters long. Whilst they may not have challenged stamina, they certainly tested agility, ability to turn at speed and follow. It was interesting that on these courses, the dogs most often prone to cheating all had to concentrate and there was no corner cutting! We also had no quad for re-threading the lure so had to do it on foot, which no one seemed to mind...


We ran trials throughout the day for any dog that wanted a go. We had many Whippets and Lurchers of different sizes, plus a pair of Sloughis, a Borzoi, some Terriers and even a German Shepherd and a Springer Spaniel!



We also ran two mixed sex & height demo stakes with members Whippets. The draw was done at random, leading to pairings that would never normally be seen in an SWC competition.



Round 1

Bella bt Crumpet

Dexter bt Spindle

Tealeaf bt Maisy

Bernie BYE


Round 2

Dexter bt Bella

Tealeaf bt Bernie



Tealeaf bt Dexter



Round 1

Hetty BYE

Bunny bt Darcy

Ivy bt Flik

Phena bt Pepper


Round 2

Bunny bt Hetty

Ivy bt Phena



Ivy BYE (Bunny withdrawn)


The dogs put on some great courses, well done to the winners Tealeaf and Ivy, and runners up Dexter and Bunny. Thanks to all who came and represented the Club and what we do so well, it was a really enjoyable day.


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