Finals Day 26th September 2021  Dryleaze Farm Siddington Cirencester Judge Mike Florek Slipper George Sell                               


The Dryleaze Supporters Stakes
Heats Welsh Daffodil, Ringmore Dalrymple (bye)Coppermow Evoque Silverhare Farahs Sunspeed
Semis Welsh Daffodil Coppermow Evoque (Bye)
Winner Judith Lucas Welsh Daffodil Runner up Greg & Gill McLatchie
The Siddington Supporters Stakes
Heats Florancy Hot Chilli Pepper, Rathglass Sandriver, Maormore Haysabusa Babe (bye) Rathglass Captain Midnight
Semis Rathglass Sandriver Rathglass Captain Midnight
Final Winner Maurice PiperRathglass Captain Midnight Jenny Piper Rathglass
Puppy Stakes 1
Heats Coppermow Velar Harerunner Highly Prized (Bye0
Winner Lyn & John Hayes Harerunner Highly Prized Runner Up Greg & Gill Mclatchie 
Coppermow Velar
Puppy Stakes 2
Heats Coppermow Ginger Ninja, Winterfellin Is A Free Elf
Winner Sapphira ParkerWinterfellin Is A Free Elf Runner Up Coppermow Ginger Ninja
Puppy Stake 3
Heats Harerunner Heavenly Mover Vidaymi See The Stars
Winner Judith Lucas Vidaymi See The Stars Runner Up Cherry McCredie Harerunner Heavenly Mover
The Laguna Trophy For Veterans
Heats Winterfellin Gotta Dash (Bye), Harerunner Halfpenny
Winner Elaine Jenkinson Winterfellin Gotta Dash Sarah Meadham Harerunner Halfpenny
The Harerunner Trophy Dogs 18.5'' to 20''
Heats Winterfellin Tallenger Silverhare Follow The Star To Silvajack
Laguna Luna's Lynx, Laguna Luna's Link
Semi's Winterfellin Tallenger Lagun Luna's Link
Winner Sue Meecham Winterfellin Tallenger Runner Up Lilah Wainmans Laguna Luna's Link
The Shandril Trophy Bitches 17.5'' to 18.5''
Heats Veloxcanis Solis Victrix (Bye)Rhyme nor Reason, Cheydanhar Sooleawa at Copprmow , Veloxcanis Solis Venatrix ( Bye)
Semis Veloxcanis Solis Victrix Veloxcanis Solis Venatrix
Winner Sarah Meadham Veloxcanis Solis Victrix Runner Up Kate Bent Veloxcanis Solis Venatrix
The SWC Open Stakes Dogs Over 20'' Bitches over 18.5''
Heats Cathmick Rumour Has It , Zoraden Bright Star,Harerunner Heartfelt Lavebella Lifes a Breeze (Withdrawn)
Semis Cathmick Rumour Has It Harerunner Heartfelt
Winner Nicky Thomas Cathmick Rumour Has It Peter Gaffney Helena Gaffney Harerunner Heartfelt
Top Veteran 2021 Winterfellin Gotta Dash
Top Standard Dog 2021 Winterfellin Tallenger
Top Standard Bitch 2021 Veloxcanis Solis Victrix
Top Open Class dog or bitch Veloxcanis Solis Valens
Top Puppy Harerunner Hurricane Fly
Top 3 year ols Veloxcanis Solis Victrix
Top Whippet of the year Veloxcanis Solis Victrix
Top Run of the day Winterfellin is a Free Elf
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