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Greg McLatchie



I initially saw The Sporting Whippet Club (SWC) mentioned on a old working whippet forum and thought 'my dog’s would like to have a go at that'.


I came to the second ever meeting SWC held down in Somerset, where I remember it was raining a lot! But that never put me off and I’ve been to most meetings since.

Elaine Jenkinson

Vice- Chairperson


So .... for me, my first pedigree whippet, Ringo, picked the sport! I attended my first meeting when he was 15 months old to keep his breeder company on the 8 hour round trip. I was asked if I wanted to trial him as we were there, and he ran clear and true with no hestiations.


We have been coming to nearly every meeting ever since.

Mark Bicknell



I owned and trained greyhounds (privately, track and field) in the 90's, through to the noughties and knew Sharon and Gay through this. We discussed forming SWC as an alternative post ban.The club was formed and have helped ever since.


Carol Edgington



It's Greg's fault I'm here!

Back in 2018, Greg asked me if I wanted to go to Denmark for the European Championships. That was it, hook, line and sinker. Just loved watching the dogs run. I could have ended up with a deerhound but I now have two whippets that love the chase.



Philip Edgington

Lure Driver




Katie McDonald


 Sarah Meadham


I got my first whippet in 2011, thinking I was just getting a dog, a pet. I got so much more than that! Two years later Katie (who I had met as another new whippet owner) and I went to a lure coursing meeting to see what it was all about.


I fell in love with the sport instantly - the joy of watching a breed do what it is born to do. My passion for lure coursing continues to grow with every run I watch.

 Dawn Stockley


I was introduced to Lure Coursing through the breeder of my first Whippet and have been hooked ever since. Watching my dogs do what they love best is a great feeling.


SWC is a very friendly and welcoming club with members of all ages and experience. I have learnt so much about the sport and the breed through the friends that I have made here from all over the country.


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