JUDGE: Bryan Marshall     SLIPPER: Alec Dalgleish   LURE DRIVER: Mike Florek  

We last visited Fosse Tillery Farm on our aborted finals day back in October, when the access road was blocked by a fallen telegraph pole and the whole polo pitch was blanketed in a thick mist, so it is no surprise I didn't recognise the ground on arrival this time. Though initially a little chilly, the sun soon came out, but a lovely breeze made the 23 degrees very pleasant.

June has always been our quietest meeting. After a late flurry of entries, followed by a steady trickle of withdrawals right up to the last minute, and losing many of our regular members to other whippety commitments, we were left with lovely entry of 27 competitors making 6 stakes.
We welcomed two new members, Diana and Pauline both of whose dogs ran brilliantly. Pauline's Spyanfly Say I'm Sexy comfortably won her first round, and has the makings of a very good lure courser once she has some more experience in the turns. Diana's Diamond Web won her first round, and had an extremely close run in the second round, Dazzling Whiteband more than held his own against current top dog Winterfellin Gotta Dash, and Dark Wing went all the way to win his stake.
Sadly car trouble (which I am all to familiar with at the moment) caused Moonlake Motorway Cop to miss his run however, Mark was able to trial both he and Sunflower Boy. Sunflower Boy has been coming to SWC for the previous two seasons, but hasn't had it easy. He has struggled with confidence in slips, been reluctant to run, and been unsure with other dogs. Throughout that time Mark has worked hard building his confidence, gently encouraging him step by step. Seeing his commitment to his dog paying off when Sunflower Boy successfully completed multiple trials with other dogs was a real joy. Mark, you should be proud, and we look forward to seeing him on the card soon!
Our first round was the longest, at 765 yards, which worked well as the full strength of the sun had yet to come out. The run out went straight into the middle of the field, however many of the dogs pre-empted the first turn, throwing the crucial early points. A couple of the dogs over exuberance tripped them up – literally! Dazzling Whiteband just seemed to lose control resulting in a topple and a spectacular skid. Laguna Lolitas Lawn, showing that her fearlessness is every bit a strong as the younger dogs threw herself full-speed at the lure in a full body dive. Though it won her the stake, it also left her a little stiff and sore, but hopefully nothing too serious.
Second round was 550 yards, with an interesting layout that had a surprise series of turns where there would usually be a home straight. There were some very tight pairings in round 2, particularly among the newcomers. Special mention to Coppermow Lady Lettie, running better than she has in a many months and winning her way into 8 dog stake final as one of the oldest in the Open category is a great achievement.
The Final was a shorter course. Originally a 355 yard zigzagging layout was set, but after one trial slipper, lure driver and judge agreed that adjustments needed to be made. Once they were made we were off. Ameesha Pina Colada debuted with SWC last month, and her inexperience showed when she lost her legs at the turns, this month she had no such trouble winning against Ryemeadows Zara who made the final for the second month in a row. Having been runner up two months running, Harerunner Hell For Leather gained a win against Lavebella Diamond Destiny who should be pleased at taking runner up in her first competition since the puppy stakes. Barmoll Bears Boy came back all guns blazing after a couple of months off and took the win from Winterfellin Gotta Dash who is currently top dog in 2016 leagues and Dark Wing won his stake at his first outing with SWC. Well done everybody!
It really was a lovely day, and all over in time for every one to get home for a relaxing Sunday evening. Or so we thought - many of our Northern members had horrible journeys home, 6 1/2 hours for some! We really do appreciate all your commitment to the club, so thank you all for making the effort to come and be part of the fun
See you next time! 

Photos Courtesy of Elizabeth Johnstone

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