16 July 17


JUDGES: Laurie Winter     SLIPPER: George Sell

Lydiard Park Stakes – Mixed Up To 21.5”

Round 1

Collooney Candyman at Alacrity bt Laguna Lawns Le Lundi

Moonlake Motorway Cop bt Crème Anglaise Urban Dancer For Littlebriton

Softouch Ever So Clever At Derohan bt Rowangarth Black Pearl at Mannerpool

Twiggen Tit For Tat bt Coppermow Blue Arrow

Round 2

Moonlake Motorway Cop bt Collooney Candyman at Alacrity

Softouch Ever So Clever At Derohan bt Twiggen Tit For Tat


Softouch Ever So Clever At Derohan bt Moonlake Motorway Cop

The Middleeze Stakes – Mixed Up To 20.75”

Round 1

Max Magnum at Coppermow BYE (Ch Spyanfly Shake It On Down withdrawn)

Florancy First Footing bt Derohan Bronze Angel

Harerunner Halfpenny bt NL CH Crème Anglaises Hello Look At Me

Winterfellin Vanilla Sky bt Veruglas Simply Saffron

Round 2

Florancy First Footing bt Max Magnum at Coppermow

Harerunner Halfpenny bt Winterfellin Vanilla Sky


Harerunner Halfpenny bt Florancy First Footing

The Hook Farm Stakes – Bitches 17.5 – 18.5”

Round 1

Dharmadhatu Saffron Moon bt Laguna Lefren Lawen

Collooney Candy Crush bt Gills Little Gem at Coppermow

Ameesha Pina Colada bt Spyanfly Say I'm Sexy

Chedanhar Sooleawa at Coppermow bt Silverhare Fizgig Sunburst

Round 2

Dharmadhatu Saffron Moon bt Collooney Candy Crush

Chedanhar Sooleawa at Coppermow bt Ameesha Pina Colada


Dharmadhatu Saffron Moon bt Chedanhar Sooleawa at Coppermow

The Purton Stakes – Bitches 17.5 – 18.5”

Round 1

Laguna Lucie Lockett bt Bryntreia First Love With Tervanty

Combeholt Celestine bt Veruglas Rosemarys Rival

Bonny Roamer At Mannerpool BYE

Laguna Lawns Lupin bt NL CH Crème Anglaises Sacre Coeur

Round 2

Combeholt Celestine bt Laguna Lucie Lockett

Laguna Lawns Lupin bt Bonny Roamer At Mannerpool


Combeholt Celestine bt Laguna Lawns Lupin

Flaxlands Stakes – Dogs 18.5 – 20”

Round 1

Harerunner Hornet bt Moonlake Miles To Go To Mannerpool JW

Dharmadhatu Babbling Brook bt Laguna Lively Leveret

Winterfellin Gotta Dash bt Silverhare Farah's Sunspeed

Silverhare Foxy Sundance BYE

Round 2

Dharmadhatu Babbling Brook bt Harerunner Hornet

Silverhare Foxy Sundance bt Winterfellin Gotta Dash


Silverhare Foxy Sundance bt Dharmadhatu Babbling Brook

Greenhill Stakes – Dogs 18.5 – 20”

Round 1

Sunflower Boy bt Winterfellin Cheeky Rascal

Laguna Laces Loki bt Harerunner Hawkridge


Laguna Laces Loki bt Sunflower Boy

Greatfield Veteran Stakes

Round 1

Moonlake Mercedes bt Sandspring Special Envoy

Harerunner Hot Gossip BYE


Harerunner Hot Gossip bt Moonlake Mercedes

Bassett Down Veteran Stakes


Coppermow Lady Lettie bt Silverjack Cassian

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