1. All whippets shall be Kennel Club Registered.


2. Whippets shall compete from slips.


3. Whippets shall be measured, and compete in height stakes as follows:

a. Bitches up to 18.5"

b. Dogs up to 20"

c. Mixed graded stakes for whippets up to a maximum height of 21.5"

d. Veteran mixed graded stakes may be run, for whippets over the age of seven if enough whippets entered for the meeting.


4. All whippets shall wear a muzzle when running. Muzzles shall be put on the whippet in the paddock, prior to entering the field.


5. Whippets shall be at least one year old, cleared and hold a valid passport to compete at our meeting.


6. A whippet can run at the remaining meetings in the season that it has its ninth birthday.


7. A passport shall be issued once a whippet has completed a clearing trial which shall consist of the following:
a. The clearing whippet is one year old or above.
b. The committee selecting a suitable partner of similar size and ability.
c. They run from slips with a partner whilst wearing a muzzle.
d. They run the course cleanly without interfering with their partner.
e. They pass their partner cleanly at least once while running the course.
f. The above shall be witnessed by at least two committee members, and the outcome of the clearing trial needs to be unanimous by the committee. 


8. At any point during a course the judges can excuse, dismiss, or disqualify a whippet. For example, a whippet may be excused for coursing its partner, or dismissed for interfering, either playfully or aggressively, with its partner. An excused, dismissed or disqualified whippet may not run that course again and will need to complete two clearance trials at two separate meetings with different dogs of equal size and ability chosen by the committee before they are able to compete at a meeting again. If a whippet is disqualified three times, they will be unable to run at future meetings.


9. All bitches will be inspected and those in season will not be allowed on the field. 


10. All dogs not under starters orders MUST be on a lead. Failure will incur an immediate and strictly enforced £10 fine.


11. All litter and dog waste must be taken home. Owners must clean up after their own dogs.


12. All people to stay in spectator areas as specified, until their whippets are due to run.


13. You will require a collar for the dog to compete in either red, white or blue.


14. All competitors must acknowledge and agree to the club's disclaimer for each meeting, when completing the entry form prior to any whippets running.


15. Puppies can trial under the following guidelines:

8 months: 100 yards

9 months: maximum of two turns

10 months: two half courses

11 months: two full courses

12 months+: can complete a clearance trial

All puppy runs will be at the Field Team's discretion, who can stop a run if they believe the puppy is not ready to run further.


16. The Judge’s decision is final and binding.


Please conform to these few rules to ensure everyone has a safe and happy day.


Amendment Log:

09/06/2022: Rules 7, 8 and 15 have been reviewed and amended in light of recent health and safety concerns at an Extraordinary committee meeting held on 08/06/2022 with immediate effect

08/03/2023: Rule 15, removal of 6 & 7 month old guidelines after committee meeting held on 07/03/2023



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