Coursing Terms:

Bye – A bye means a dog has been withdrawn, or there were insufficient entries to fill a stake. A dog who runs a bye course will automatically qualify for the next round. A bye course may be run solo or with a dog not entered into the competition. Blue collars and flags are used in bye rounds.

Moonlake Mercedes (no collar) drew a bye. Here she runs with a 'spare' dog. .

Card – The programme and running order for the day.


Double–Bye Occasionally there will be two byes in a round. The two competing whippets will run together, unjudged, with both automatically going forward to the next round. In a double-bye neither dog wears a collar.


Draw – The act of selecting names randomly to decide opponents in a stake.


Go-By - Where a whippet starts a clear length behind his opponent, and yet passes him in a straight run, and gets a clear length before him. This may happen in the run-up, between pulleys, or at any point in the course.


Law – The distance the lure travels before the whippets are slipped.


Lure - The item that the whippets chase round the course, usually made of old carrier bags!


No-course – If for any reason the course gets shortened (e.g. a whippet catches the lure, equipment failure etc.) to a point where the judge feels a winner cannot be decided, a No-course will be declared and the dogs will re-run.


Run-up – The straight run to the first pulley.


Slips – The special quick-release twin collars used by the slipper to ensure both dogs start as near as possible together.

Alec Dalgleish slups Penny Paynes Blue Grey (white) and Martinsell Bitters (red) Here you see the red and white knitted collars as two whippets are slipped by the Slipper.

Slipper - This is the person who 'slips' (releases) the two whippets using special twin-collared slips.


Slip Steward - Sees that the right whippets, both in courses and byes, are brought to slips in their proper turn and that each whippet is wearing its correct collar.


Turn – A change of direction of more than right angle.


Undecided – A course where the judge awards equal score to both dogs and there is no winner.


Wrench – A change of direction of less than a right angle.

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