Venn Upton 5th September 2021

Slipper Duncan Nicholls Judges Alec Dalgleish Laurie Winter 

The Wimbleball Veteran stakes
First Round Ringmore Day Lily Bye Winterfellin Gotta DAsh
Winner Elaine Jenkinsons Winterfellin Gotta Dash Runner up Vanna Leathearts Ringmore Day Lily
The Westcott stakes dogs 18.5 - 20
First Round Solverhare Follow the Star to Silvajack Silverhare Festive Snow Elf Bye
Winner Don and Marion Wyatts Silverhare Festive Snowelf Runner up Di Dones
Silverhare Follow the Star to Silvajack
The Brendon Hill Stakes Dogs 18.'' - 20 "
First Round Bods Dazzel and Daze Bye Winterfellin Tallenger Harerunner Hurricane Fly Winterfellin Dashin Comet Bye
Semis Winterfellin Tallenger Harerunner Hurricane Fly
Winner Alec and Sharon Dalgleishs Harerunner Hurricane Fly Runner up Sue Meechams Winterfellin Tallenger
The Woolcotts stakes bitches 17.5 to 18"
First RoundSilverhare Fortis Secret HArerunner Holy Smoke Winterfellin Must Be Crafty Bye Veloxcanis Solis Victrix.
Semis Silver hare Fortis Secret Veloxcanis Solis Victrix
Winner Veloxcanis Solis Victrix Runner up Fay Sechiaris Silverhare Fortis Secret ( withdrawn)
The Haddon Hill Stakes bitches 17.5 to 18"
First round Harerunner Honeycombe Veloxcanis Sols Venatrix
Winner Dalgleish and Ireland Harerunner Honeycombe Runner up Kate Bent Veloxcanis Solis Venatrix
The Upton Stakes bitches up to 19.25"
Ringmore Hecate bye Ryemeadows Mabel bye
First round Montyjack Mexico Coppermow Evoque bye Ringmore Hecate Bye Ryemeadows Mable Bye Semis Coppermow Evoque Ryemeadows Mabel
Winner Don Marion Wyatts Ryemeadows Mable Runner up Greg & Gill Mclatchies Coppermow Evoque
The Swansea Mixed Stake up to 20.25"
First Round Darting Dipper Zoraden Bright Star Veloxcanis Solis Valen bye Harerunner Heavenly Mover Semis Darting Dipper Veloxcanis Solis Valens
Winner Nicole Rossa and Colin Brown's Veloxcanis Solis Valens Runner Up Andy Fennel and Mandy Wilcox Darting Dipper
The Venn Stakes Dogs up to 21.5''
Semis Cathmick Ruour Has It Rathglass Captain Midnight.
First Round Cathmick Rumour Has it Florancy Hot Shot bye Rathglass Captain Midnight Bye
Laguna Lawns Le Lundi
Winner Nicky Thomas Cathmick Rumour Has it Runner up Maurice and Jennifer Pipers Rathglass Captain Midnight.
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