SWC Puppy Stakes Meeting - 4th October 20

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Judge Mark Bicknell - Slipper George Sell

Polo Gound Supporters Stake


First Round

Murphy the Magician at Silvajack bye

Florancy Hot Shot bye



Murphy The Magician at Silvajack bt Florancy Hot Shot



Siddington Supporters Stake


First Round

Rymeneadows Zara at Veloxcanis bt Collooney Candy Crush

Silverhare Fizgig Sunburst bt Cheydanhar Sooleawa at Coppermow



Silverhare Fizgig Sunburst bt Ryemeadows Zara at Veloxcanis



SWC Puppy Stakes - Standard Dogs


First Round

Zoraden Bright Star bt Silverhare Festive Snowelf

Laguna Luna's Link bye

Veloxcanis Solis Victor bye

Harerunner Hot On Your Heels bye


Second Round

Laguna Luna's Link bt Zoraden Bright Star

Velxcanis Solis Victor bt Harerunner Hot On Your Heels



Laguna Luna's Link bt Veloxcanis Solis Victor



SWC Puppy Stakes - Standard Bitches


First Round

Veloxcanis Solis Victrix bye

Northwhip She's A Lady at Whisterfield bye

Harerunner Honeycombe bye

Veloxcanis Solis Valentina bt Railfield Rainopal


Second Round

Veloxcanis Solis Vicrix bt Northwhip She's A Lady at Whisterfield

Harerunner Honeycombe bt Veloxcanis Solis Valentina



Veloxcanis Solis Vicrix bt Harerunner Honeycombe



SWC Puppy Stakes - Open


First Round

Harerunner Heartfelt bt Silverhare Followthe Star to Silvajack

Lavebella Lizzie's Lang bye

Silverhare Fortis Saxon bt Lavebella Life's A Breeze

Veloxcanis Solis Valens bt Veloxcanis Solis Venatio


Second Round

Harerunner Heartfelt bt Lavebella Lizzie's Lang

Veloxcanis Solis Valens bt Silverhare Fortis Saxon



Harerunner Heartfelt bt Veloxcanis Solis Valens


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