Trophy Finals (PART 1)

Fosse Tillery Farm, Brokenborough, Wiltshire

Judge: Mr Mark Bicknell

Slipper: Mr Alec Dalgleish

As a committee we had put a lot of hard work into the season, and had a very special day planned for our members and deserving finalists. It seems however the Fates had other ideas.


Driving across the counties through increasingly dense fog, and arriving at the village of Shipton Moyne unable to see the road ahead or any sign posts, I pulled over to consult the map to help find the venue. It was at that moment a police car pulled along side and announced  he was closing the road due to a telegraph pole having come down. A quick look down at the map confirmed that just a short distance down that now closed road was Fosse Tillery Farm. 


Dense fog hampered our start

So between the appalling weather conditions and the last minute diversion, we were much later getting started than we should have been. To top it off, Tracy's Tea and Cake stand was running on empty, due to Elizabeth & David breaking down on the M4, resulting in the hot water urn, and all Biddy's baked goods getting towed straight home to Somerset. I later learned that the Exmoor Foxhounds helped themselve's to Biddy's cakes for breakfast the next day, so at least they were enjoyed!

When we finally got the first pair of dogs into slips, things started to look up. We saw some great runs, and a few hair raising tumbles, but just 11 runs in and disaster struck. Our super-dooper, monster lure machine stopped working. Valiant, lengthy attempts were made to revive it, with increasingly large tools, but nothing could save it. 

Lucie Lockett comes a cropper

A few ideas were floated and voted, but there was little choice but to abandon the meeting. As a committee we were all devastated, and can't thank our members enough for being so understanding.

Part 2 of the 2015 season finals will now be held in March. All results so far will stand.

See you all then!



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