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Winter Fund Raising:


Dear Members,


2022 has also proved to be a difficult time financially for the club. The purchasing of new pulleys, repairs to the quad and new string for the lure machine left our bank balance greatly depleted at the beginning of the season and with reduced income due to cancelled meetings it has been difficult for it to recover.

Our insurance has gone up, cost of toilets have risen, raised fuel prices mean greater costs taking the equipment to meetings and also higher judges’ expenses resulting in us just breaking even at most meetings.


The trailer we have been using for the previous seasons does not belong to the club and the owner has decided to sell the trailer and has offered it to the club at a very reasonable price, an offer we cannot refuse. We have been using the trailer for a few years now at no charge and we thank Greg for this. After much discussion we have paid a deposit and the club is taking out a loan for the remainer which we hope to pay back as soon as we possibly can. This leaves us £500 in our bank account at present. 

We have decided to do some fundraising to help out. We will be holding an online auction and several online raffles in the run up to Christmas. Please visit: Sporting Whippet Club Fund Raising


If you have any items that you would like to donate to the auction or raffles please contact Elaine Jenkinson by email at

We also have a few other ideas in the pipeline too. We have never had to ask for help before and any help anyone can give the club will be greatly appreciated by us all. We are also looking for secure storage for the trailer and equipment somewhere in the Cotswolds area, maybe caravan storage although this comes at an additional cost, where we can collect on a Sunday morning to take to the venue. If anyone knows of somewhere please can you let us know. 


Finally thank you to everyone for making our wonderful club what it is and we hope it will run for many more years with your support.

We look forward to seeing you all again in 2023.

With Best Wishes,
The SWC Committee

Chairman Sharon Dalgleish
Secretary Carol Edgington

Treasurer Mark Bicknell
Greg MᶜLatchie, Mike Florek and Elaine Jenkinson

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